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Tune-ups, Tire Balance and Wheel Alignment in Vaughan

Automotive service is a regular feature of vehicle maintenance. When you need tune-ups for your vehicle, tire balancing or wheel alignment, take your ride to your friends at Modern Automotive. They are the leader in automotive service in Vaughan, and the Greater Toronto Area because they provide effective, high-quality work that is priced right. If you aren’t an automotive service technician, you can be forgiven for not knowing about all the details that go into maintaining a vehicle. So a brief description will explain the work.

Find the right tune-up, tire balance or wheel alignment package for you in Vaughan, Maple & Concord

What is a Tune-up?Modern Automotive technician tire balancing & tune-up

Tune-ups for vehicles will protect the investment you have made in your transportation and will extend the life of your engine. It starts with the ignition system, your spark plugs, wires, and coils will wear and need be replaced. The electrical components of your ignition are responsible for the combustion your engine needs to start and run properly. Your filters: air, fuel, oil, and cabin, maintain a particle-free intake environment. Clogs or blockage are clear signs that the filters need to be replaced. You may notice hesitation or blackened exhaust as signs the filters are failing. The belts in your car are what transfers power from the engine to the drive train, and then to the wheels. If the belts are frayed or stretched, replacing them is paramount to the importance of the operation of your vehicle. Hoses are the life’s blood of your engine, they send vital fluids to the engine to keep it lubricated during operation. To keep everything running smoothly, the fluid in your car needs to be kept at optimal levels to ensure the vehicle’s performance. Brake fluid, transmission fluid, engine oil, coolant, and power steering fluid are important to the operation of the vehicle. If you are running low on any of these necessities, automotive service will improve the situation.

How much does a tune-up cost?

A tune-up, depending on your driving habits, will determine what you need for replacement parts. On average, the total cost for service is $288 at a service centre. 

  • Spark plugs: $100-$200
  • Power steering flush: $50-$100
  • Oil and filter: $30-$70
  • Filters: $45
  • Fuel filter: $50-$100
  • Transmission fluid flush: $150-$300
  • Belts and hoses: $25-$200
  • Coolant flush: $100-$150 

The costs broken out here are determined by mileage and in no way indicative of the total cost of an average tune-up that you would do every 10,000km. Many of the cost outlined here happen every 20,000-30,000km. As part of any tune-up, tire balancing and wheel alignment will be checked, and action is taken if you have problems.

What is the difference between tire balancing & wheel alignment?

When your tires are improperly balanced, there will be a shake in the steering wheel, telling you contact with the road is limited. If there is an alignment problem, you fell a pull in one direction or another making steering a problem. Both systems are critical to the safe operation of the vehicle, and you can’t let either problem fester. Your tires will pay the price, as will your braking system, creating larger costs when the time comes to take care of the problems with the handling of your car.
Balancing puts all four tires squarely on the road, and alignment makes sure the angles are reset to factory specifications. 

What does tire balancing & wheel alignment cost?

The costs are relatively modest when you have your tires balanced or an alignment done. For four tires, balancing can be approximately $50 if you need all four tires balanced. If it were just the front tires, the cost would be $25. Alignments are generally priced at $10 per wheel and the total cost of $40 – the high water mark for an alignment can be $75.
Servicing your car for tune-ups, tire balancing and wheel alignments should be done by a Class ‘A’ mechanic. You will find many qualified mechanics at Modern Automotive to provide the service you need for your vehicle. To book a service call, call our shop today, at Modern Automotive, at 905.660.6100.

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