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5 Things to Ask Your Mechanic Before A Car Repair

Posted in AUTO BODY, on July 09, 2020

Whether you are dealing with a minor incident or a major collision, any damage to your car will mostly like require a repair. While getting your car repaired can be easy, most people put it off because of a lack of knowledge on how to find the right mechanic and trusting they are doing the right thing. So where do you begin when you are looking for a collision repair center in Vaughan or Toronto? Start by asking some important questions to ensure you have the right mechanic to fix your vehicle. Here are 5 things to ask your mechanic before getting your car repaired.

What Certifications Do You Have?

Before beginning your repairs, it is important to confirm that your technician has the appropriate certifications. For a collision repair center in Vaughan or a collision repair center in Toronto, a reputable technician will be certified by the National Institute for Automobile Service Excellence (ASE). This certifies that they comply with the ASE and are re-tested regularly to stay up to date on the most recent technologies. 

What Are My Repair Options, and Can You Explain Them?

Depending on the damage to your vehicle, there may be multiple potential strategies to repair the issues. Some mechanics might choose to only discuss the most expensive option with you without sharing all the possible options. Remember that it is okay to ask lots of questions. Make sure to ask for all the possible repair options and ask for clarity as to what each repair strategy will entail. Not every car owner is a car expert, and that is okay! 

Can You Provide a Maintenance Plan?

Remember to ask your mechanic for a maintenance schedule so that you can compare it with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Always go by your manufacturer’s recommendations and do not accept any services offered by your mechanic that you do not need. 

Are Any of My Parts Still Covered by Warranty?

Some of your damaged car parts damaged may be covered by a warranty. These will likely need to be discussed with the part manufacturer directly. Additionally, the new parts installed by the mechanic may come with their own warranty. Make sure you clarify if the new parts will come with a warranty and what that warranty entails. 

How Much Will it Cost?

One of the most important questions to ask your mechanic is how much the repairs will cost. There will likely be a fee for diagnostics, a fee for any new parts, and a service fee for the labour required to fix the damage. You will want to discuss these costs with your mechanic before they begin the work. 

Modern Automotive Can Help

At Modern Automotive, we provide collision and auto body repair to the Vaughan community and the Greater Toronto Area. To find a collision repair center Vaughan or collision repair center Toronto, look no further than Modern Automotive. Our team of licensed technicians has over 20 years of experience dealing with minor and major automotive repairs. For information on any of our services or to book an appointment today, contact us at 905-660-6100. 

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