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Heating & A/C Repair

If you haven’t scheduled heating and air-conditioning system repair for your car in a long while, you may be at risk of it shutting it down unexpectedly. A malfunctioning heating & A/C system can make it difficult for you to use your vehicle, especially on those hot summer days, and during frigid Toronto winters. A failing heating & A/C system can also cause more serious damage to your vehicle, such as engine failure due to overheating. Therefore, heating & A/C repair service should be taken seriously. We at Modern Automotive have been serving Vaughan and its surrounding areas with professional heating & A/C repair services for years, so do not hesitate to come to us for this service. 


Indications that Your Vehicle requires Heating & A/C Repair

  • When steam starts to rise from under the hood while you are driving
  • When the windshield defroster takes much longer to function 
  • When the A/C system blows only hot air into the cabin 
  • When the A/C system delivers low airflow or no airflow at all 
  • When the air being blown into the cabin has a damp, musty smell  


Comprehensive Heating & A/C Repair

At Modern Automotive, we offer detailed and comprehensive heating & A/C system repair services. When performing these services, we will make a point of inspecting your vehicle’s compressor and compressor clutch. The compressor does the work of forcing the air conditioning system’s refrigerant to flow through the entire system, so its ability to function well must be checked. Our specialists will also check your vehicle’s evaporator, condenser, and A/C blower fans for wear or damage. They will also check the hoses, connectors, and seals that connect these components for leaks because many A/C systems tend to develop small leaks over time that let out refrigerant. Our specialists know how to detect and seal such leaks. Our heating & A/C system repair specialists will also make a point of topping up your A/C system’s refrigerant, and they will also replace the receiver drier when performing this service. Our repair services also include engine cooling system repair, which includes radiator repair, thermostat repair, and water pump repair. Your engine’s coolant will also be topped up or replaced depending on its condition.       


Use of Genuine Parts 

When performing our repair services, we do not take chances. We only use genuine or manufacturer-recommended parts and components when making replacements, so rest assured that all our replacement parts will fit perfectly.    


Experienced and Qualified Specialists 

At Modern Automotive, we pride ourselves in offering professional and accurate auto care. Our heating & air conditioning system repair services are administered by factory-trained and ASE-certified heating and A/C repair specialists that have many years of experience, so your vehicle will be in good hands.   


Well-Equipped Service Center

We at Modern Automotive also have a fully equipped service center with state-of-the-art tools and hi-tech equipment for different auto repair and maintenance services. Therefore, your vehicle will get the best quality heating and A/C system repair services.

Modern Automotive is committed to customer satisfaction and to maintaining high standards of quality and professionalism in all its services. Our prices are also quite reasonable, so call us today at 905-660-6100 to schedule an appointment for these repair services.   

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