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An accident - your car has been in a pile-up or just dented at the mall. And your need for collision repair in Vaughan has never been more acute. The question becomes: whom do you trust? The answer is Modern Automotive, that’s who. We have been specializing in auto body repairs, auto glass replacement, and installation and we provide an excellent solution when repairing your car, paintless dent repair (PDR). Our shop has many experienced hands that are experts in their specific areas of auto body repair, and through the extensive experience they bring to the table they can work on any make or model of car, truck or SUV that may need tender loving care after a collision. Your collision repair in Vaughan is assured when bringing your vehicle in for the repair you need to make it a safe and reliable vehicle again.

Common problems requiring collision repair in Vaughan,

Your car, in some respects, is your identity. Your choice of the vehicle reflects who you are and how you approach important items in your life. You may be driving an economy car, a large SUV or a family van to transport the brood to and from all the activities they are involved in. Developing a sentimental attachment to your vehicle makes sense, you spend a good deal of time in it and it produces memories for a family on a trip that will have you waxing nostalgically when your car is in for a collision repair in Vaughan. You can’t live without your vehicle, and you will make sacrifices to get your ‘baby’ back in good condition. Let’s not forget too, that having a reliable ride is a peace of mind issue, without the capacity of reliable transportation, you become a nervous wreck. A collision repair in Vaughan will put an end to the mental stress an unreliable vehicle will produce and you can count on Modern Automotive to repair your vehicle right the first time.

The fender bender

You parked your car at the rink, the mall or the coffee shop and when came out, you noticed that you had a dent in the fender. At first blush, it didn’t look so bad, but, upon closer examination, you have sustained damage. A collision repair in Vaughan is what you need to restore your car to safe operating vehicle. At the auto body shop, you learn that the dent is small enough to be repaired and you’re off to the races. In another instance, you have a larger dent and that will demand that the fender be replaced as much for safety reasons as the aesthetic reasons. The fender works with the bumper to help absorb front-end impact shock when you are in an accident and without a fender that is in perfect condition you could be in danger of serious injury should an accident occur.

Your bumper has been bumped and has damage

Your bumper is the first thing that will take impact during an accident if you are hit in the front or rear end. It helps deflect impact and works with the fenders to transfer the energy of the accident to the frame of the car. The plastic may be cracked or the bumper is out of alignment, and you think that it isn’t worth a collision repair in Vaughan. Think again, the foam coating that helps support the bumper functions can be irredeemable, when that happens you must invest in a bumper repair and or bumper replacement if the damage is more than negligible.

Your frame is misaligned

Driving in traffic can be like running with the bulls in Spain, its hectic, can be chaotic, and a competition for lanes when an exit needs to be made. When driving in traffic, accidents happen, and you could be the victim of someone who collides with you and door is dented and possible frame damage may be lurking. A collision repair in Vaughan is the fastest way to determine frame damage and whether you need your frame straightened. Even a slightly bent frame can be dangerous and cause handling problems at low speeds and worse at high speeds – a collision repair will prevent any problems like those from occurring.

Your windshield is damaged

A low-speed accident caused your windshield to sustain a crack, or you were hit by debris on the road when you were on your way to work. The crack from an accident will need to be addressed before you can drive the car again. The windshield is a stabilizer for the body of your car, and without a solid windshield, your car becomes unstable. The crack, on the other hand, doesn’t seem too bad so you ignore, though you shouldn’t. A small spider web crack can spread and impair your vision while driving – not a safe way to operate our vehicle. Another aspect of a damaged windshield is the driving fine you could be issued if your visibility is impaired to the point where you are a danger to others. Repairing or replacing your auto glass is one thing will help keep you safe and your car operational when you take time out to invest in your vehicle.

Auto body repairs – the costs

At Modern Automotive, we use the PDR system for repairs and it can drastically reduce the costs of the work required to make your ride roadworthy. The savings come in the reduction of labour that is required to affect the repair or replacement of parts for the body or windshield of your car. Like all repairs or replacement work, the extent of the damage will drive the cost of repair/replacement; so bring your vehicle to us at Modern Automotive for a free estimate and consultation. We will work with your insurance company to take the headaches out of your auto body repair and will have your vehicle back to you in no time. Excellent OEM parts, great craftsmanship and the best customer service that comes from years of service in the business are three reasons why you should Modern Automotive for your collision work. To get a free estimate, call our shop, Modern Automotive, and make an appointment for your vehicle’s diagnosis when you call us today at 905.660.6100.

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