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For quality built vehicles like Volkswagen and Audi, regular scheduled maintenance is the key to short-term performance and long term lifespan. Both vehicles are associated with quality – and when it comes to maintenance and repairs, a quality approach is required. At Modern Automotive, you’ll be getting that level of service from the moment you arrive.

At Modern Automotive, if you own an Audi or Volkswagen, your service requirements are handled by trained technicians and mechanics. Our people have many years of experience servicing high-end, luxury vehicles throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We install only high quality auto parts, and guarantee the highest standard of workmanship every time.

Here’s what we can do for your VW or Audi Vehicle

Whatever your maintenance or repair need, the team at Modern Automotive can provide the service. We do it all – from the simple to the complex. We provide your typical oil and filter change – we rotate tires – we service brakes – we service the electrical system and exhaust system – and we offer performance tune-ups. We also provide seasonal services, especially when getting ready for the challenges of Canadian winter weather conditions.

If you own a Volkswagen or Audi, count on Modern Automotive

Quality brands like Volkswagen and Audi traditionally require less service or maintenance throughout the life of the vehicle. However, when service is required, it’s important that a trained and experienced mechanic undertake the work. 

At Modern Automotive, our in-house mechanics know the Volkswagen and AUDI brands “inside and out”. We provide a comprehensive approach to service that addresses every problem or issue that might arise (bumper to bumper). From steering, to brakes, to exhaust, we do it all. Our trained team of mechanics handle everything from tires and wheels; to suspension and transmission; to fuel systems and electrical systems. And we do everything right on-site.

Trust your vehicle to the professionals at Modern Automotive 

Whether you own a Volkswagen or an AUDI, service and maintenance should not be trusted to just anyone. These types of vehicles are best serviced by mechanics that are trained and experienced – like the professionals at Modern Automotive. Our technicians and mechanics are factory-trained (and licensed) on an ongoing basis in order to keep up with new technology and systems. They know how best to service your vehicle, and have been doing so for over 20 years in Toronto and the GTA.

With AUDI and Volkswagen, we always recommend scheduled service for our customers. It’s preventative - it ensures optimum performance day-to-day, but it also makes sure that small problems will not turn into bigger problems, with bigger repair bills.

Sure there are other service centres in the GTA, but we pride ourselves on the high quality of service we provide and on the competitive prices that we offer. Find out more about the team at Modern Automotive by calling a specialist at 844-816-8930.

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