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What To Do If Brake Pads and Rotors Aren't Working

Posted in AUTO BODY, on January 15, 2021

Trust the mechanical service in Vaughan and Richmond Hill to keep your vehicle well-maintained and your braking system safety intact. The typical braking system consists of brake lines, callipers, master cylinders, brake pads and rotors.

The brake pads are made of special materials to maximize friction and work with the other components to stop your vehicle.

Brake rotors or brake discs are connected to the wheels and are squeezed by the brake pads to stop or slow down your vehicle. Here are some of the sounds, vibrations and other indications that tell you that your car’s brake pads and rotors need inspection & maintenance:  

Squealing Noises 

If you hear squealing noises while in motion & applying brakes, it probably means that your brake pads are worn out. Often, the friction material on the brake pads wears out due to constant use and needs replacement. If the brake pads are not replaced in time, they can wear out completely and damage the rotor. So if you hear a squealing noise, get an experienced automotive specialist to inspect your brake pads. If they are worn out, replace them at the earliest to avoid expensive repairs later on. Depending on your driving, you should replace your vehicle’s brake pads after every 16,000-32,000 kms. 

Grinding Sounds

If you hear grinding sounds while braking along with low braking performance, it means that your car’s brake pads have worn out completely, and bare metal is grinding against the brake rotor. Get your brakes checked by a technician immediately, and if the brake pad metal has scored and scratched the rotor, you’ll need to get both your brake pads and rotors replaced. 

Vibration & Shaking 

If your steering wheel or car shakes & vibrates on braking, it could be due to uneven or damaged brake rotors. With time and usage, brake pads can leave irregular deposits on the surface of your rotors. Or the constant braking & disc revolutions of the rotor can cause it to be out of sync and cause vibrations while braking. As the brake pads move over these uneven spots as you brake, it can cause vibration and shaking. If you experience shaking & vibration while braking, you need to get your brakes inspected and serviced. A brake technician from a trustworthy mechanical service in Vaughan & Richmond Hill can smoothen and even out the uneven brake rotors. Old and severely damaged brake rotors will require replacement for the efficient functioning of your brake system. 

Warning Signs

Some cars have built-in brake pad sensors that give a warning sign when the brake pads have worn down. Mostly, a warning light in the dashboard or a flashing message indicating the brake-wear shows up while starting the car. When you see a brake-wear warning, do not wait to get your car brakes inspected. 

Put a Brake on All Your Brake Worries With Modern Automotive

If you are experiencing any of the above warning signs, trust the pros at Modern Automotive for the best mechanical service in Vaughan & Richmond Hill. Maximize the performance of your braking system with regular service by our certified team of expert mechanics. From brake servicing and repair to brake pads and rotor replacement Modern Automotive has you covered. Stop by for a free brake inspection and repair quote, or reach out to us at 905-660-6100 to book your service today!

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