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Why Should You Change to Winter Tires in Snowy Conditions?

Posted in AUTO BODY, on November 17, 2021

Winter tires are an essential part of driving during the winter time. Winter weather can be unpredictable and dangerous, so it is important to take every precaution necessary in order to stay safe on the road. We are here to give you some tips on how having winter tires installed will help keep you safer on the icy roads this season!

So, you may be asking what makes winter tires the safer option for snowy weather? 

  1. They are designed to grip the road better than regular tires, especially in harsh weather conditions. 
  2. Winter tires have deeper channels that allow them to evacuate water and slush more efficiently, helping with better traction during wet or icy roads.
  3. They offer superior handling and braking abilities compared to regular all season or summer time options.
  4. All season tires are designed to perform well in most weather conditions. However, they may not provide the same degree of safety and control on snowy or icy roads as winter tires do.

Wintertime brings with it treacherous road conditions that can be made even worse by heavy snowfall, ice patches, blizzards and severe cold temperatures. Having good quality winter tires installed on your vehicle is one way you can stay safe when driving during this time of year. A durable rubber compound helps increase grip while deep treads offer better traction for braking and accelerating out of dangerous situations like sharp turns or sudden stops at intersections. This makes them a safer option than regular all season summer tires.

One of the main benefits that come with winter tires is their grip on icy, snowy roads. Tires are responsible for keeping your vehicle moving forward and they play a large part in ensuring you stay safe during poor weather conditions. Winter tires have specially designed treads which make them much better at gripping onto slippery surfaces than regular all-season or summer tires would be able to do. With proper levels of traction available from winter rubber, this will allow motorists to drive safely even under harsh driving conditions like snowfall or ice accumulation on roadways. If you’re planning on driving through areas where it snows frequently over the course of cold months, then having winter tires installed should definitely be considered as an essential upgrade!


Better Grip & Traction

Winter tires are made of rubber that is meant for freezing temperatures, which allows better traction in ice and snow. Unlike summer or all-season tires that rely heavily on tread patterns to provide grip, winter tire compounds tend to be softer with larger silica content for greater elasticity at lower temperatures. Drivers can maintain control while braking, accelerating and cornering, even in hazardous weather conditions such as sleet or heavy snowfall. This means a driver will experience less stopping distance when traveling at higher speeds compared to driving without suitable winter tires fitted which would cause an accident if the driver loses control.

Better Braking

Winter tires allow for better braking, which is one of the most important things when driving in snow. They grip the road much better than all season or summer tires would under icy conditions. The rubber compounds are engineered to remain flexible at low temperatures and they prevent snow buildup. 


Change To Winter Tires Today! 

Drivers who use winter tires enjoy benefits such as enhanced grip on ice and snow; shorter braking distances for more controlled driving experiences; increased safety by providing high levels of traction no matter how challenging the conditions are outside. In fact, many vehicle manufacturers recommend or even specify winter tire usage for vehicles intended to be driven year round where winters include periods of freezing temperatures. This way your car will have less wear from not having sufficient treads, but instead highly rated ones specifically designed for snowy conditions.

Winter tires are designed to be more rigid than all-season or summer tires so it is important that drivers don't use them during the warmer months as this would reduce their durability and increase braking distances because of the harder rubber compound used in winter tire construction. This means you cannot use your winter tires year round, but if you store them properly they should last up to four seasons with minimal loss of performance. 

You can't get away with regular all season or summer tires when it snows outside, and your vehicle won't perform well enough to get you up hills and safely around turns like they should. It's not even worth trying! The best thing you can do is invest in quality winter tires that will provide traction on slippery roads and remain efficient while turning corners at high speeds.

Here at Modern Automotive we offer tire change services and wheel balancing. So when you are ready to put your winter tires on your vehicle, you can trust us to help you! Get in contact with us today to schedule your winter tire change appointment. 



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