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Aluminum Auto Body Repair

Posted in AUTO BODY, on October 27, 2021

How to Repair Aluminum Body Panels

Aluminum is now used extensively in vehicle design, including body panels and frames. When compared to steel, aluminum is significantly lighter, which results in better fuel economy. Aluminum also contains less carbon than steel; this allows aluminum to be recycled more quickly than steel, which helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

By replacing steel with aluminum in some vehicle components, manufacturers are able to reduce overall weight significantly. The use of aluminum in automobiles is expected to continue growing in the future as auto manufacturers look for ways to improve fuel efficiency standards.

Steel will remember the form it used to be in if it is reshaped, aluminum will not. When aluminum is reshaped it becomes stronger because it is a work hardened material. If an aluminum body panel is bent in a collision, it becomes stronger. If the aluminum is flexed too much, it will break or crack. This is why aluminum repair has to be done correctly and precisely. 


How is the repair completed?

In order for the damaged area to be repaired, the aluminum panel must be heated to 400°F to allow the metal to soften. Aluminum rapidly releases heat but can be irreversibly damaged if heated to a certain threshold, and that threshold is approximately 750°F. Once the panel is heated to 400°F, it can be pulled. Pulling the aluminum work hardens it to set the new memory of the repair. 

In as quickly as 15 minutes oxidation occurs, forming a thin layer of aluminum oxide. Aluminum oxide has a much higher melting point than aluminum, meaning a stud will not be able to fuse properly to the panel. To deal with this issue, the aluminum oxide can be removed with a stainless steel brush.  

When your vehicle needs aluminum repair, you always want to make sure you take it to a shop with certified aluminum repair technicians. There is a big difference between working with steel and aluminum, so it is incredibly important that the job is completed by an aluminum qualified technician. As well, the technicians must have the proper machinery and special room dedicated to complete aluminum repairs.

Here at Modern Automotive, we are an industry leader in aluminum body collision repair across Canada. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to perform extensive and precise repairs on aluminum-bodied vehicles. Aluminum body panels can only be repaired using specialized tools and equipment. At Modern Automotive, we have access to all the right tools and machinery, as well as the special room dedicated for aluminum needed to perform aluminum repairs, so you can be  sure that your vehicle is repaired to the highest quality standard. 

If your vehicle has an aluminum body and is in need of repair, call us today! We can help you get your vehicle back to perfect shape in no time. 

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