While there is some variation in the process, the lease return process typically starts before the end of the contract.The leasing company will contact you to let you know your lease contract is coming to an end. It will then contact you to set up an appointment for an inspection of your car. Many manufacturers use an independent company to conduct the inspection, which is free for the lease-holder. The inspector will come to your home or office, and the process takes about 45 minutes.Most manufacturers look for damage:

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  • Mechanical problems:

     In the engine or any of the car's systems.
  • Dents, dings, scratches and scrapes:

     On the car's exterior, bumpers and wheels. "Curbed" wheels are a frequent issue.
  • Cracks, stars or excessive pitting:

     In the windshield and other windows.
  • Abnormal or excessive wear:

    To the tires. They'll also be looking for mismatched tires.
  • Tears or stains:

    On the upholstery that can't be cleaned or repaired with normal refurnishing.
    Inspectors measure the size and depth of dents and scratches and then enter this information, and other problems, into a computerized template that estimates the cost of repair. At the end of the inspection, or shortly thereafter, you will receive a condition report that lists any damage above the nor mal wear and tear and what it costs to fix the problem.

WE DO PREPARE cars for the Inspection and Fix as needed

  • The exterior is free of holes, tears or breaks (regardless of the size) ..if there is we fix it
  • Scratches are not through the paint (regardless of the size) ... if there is we polish
  • Scratches through the paint and dents ... if there is we repaint
  • The grille is free of any breaks.. if there is we fix it
  • The interior is free of tears, cuts, holes, burns or stains that cannot be removed (regardless of the size)
  • Glass & Lenses Repairs or replacements are not necessary if:

  • All glass and lenses are free of stars, cracks, or holes ... we restore it
  • Any scratches can be covered by the First Class Condition Card

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